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Southcoast Security Service have over 50 trained and licensed Security Officers and Crowd Controllers serving the Great Southern 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.









image05Alarm Response

With the most vehicles on the road at any time Southcoast Security Service can provide the most efficient Alarm or Emergency Response available.

Attendance can be arranged for Intruder Alarms, Duress Alarms, Personal Medical Alarms and Fire Alarms or to provide Client Assistance.

Staff need to be well rested to perform at their peak and achieve the best results for your business. Being dragged out of bed at 2 am is not only counter productive but also presents a big liability should anything go wrong.



REMEMBER – Alarms are only effective if someone responds to them. As unfortunate as it is, you can’t rely on neighbours or good Samaritans to investigate.